Device and method for controlling energy storage of electric rolling stock



【課題】本発明では、昇降圧チョッパと蓄電装置を組み合わせ、主回路に対しては低速でも力行を得る電力を確保できと共に、補助回路に対しては十分な高圧補助電源として機能するようにした。 【解決手段】実施例では、架線からの電力を選択した通常時走行状態と、蓄電装置からの電力を選択した非常時走行状態を切り替える電気車の蓄電制御装置である。蓄電装置へ充放電を行う昇降圧チョッパの入力・出力部が、前記架線からの電力が供給される高抵抗部の出力側と補助回路のCVCFインバータの入力部との間に接続され、前記通常時走行状態では降圧動作し非常時走行状態では昇圧動作し、接触器が、通常時は前記架線からの電力を主回路のVVVFインバータの入力側に導き、非常時は蓄電装置の電力を前記VVVFインバータの入力側に導くように設けられる。 【選択図】図2
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a device for controlling an energy storage of an electric rolling stock combining a step-up/down chopper and an electric capacitor and being capable of securing a power obtaining a power running even at a low speed to a main circuit while enabling a function as a sufficient high-voltage auxiliary power supply to an auxiliary circuit, and to provide a method for controlling the energy storage. <P>SOLUTION: The device for controlling the energy storage of the electric rolling stock changes over a normal traveling state selecting the power from a stringing and an emergency traveling state selecting the power from the electric capacitor. An input and output from the step-up/down chopper charging and discharging electricity to and from the electric capacitor are connected between the output side of a high resistance supplied with the power from the stringing and the input for a CVCF inverter for the auxiliary circuit, and conducts a step-down operation under the normal traveling state and conducts a step-up operation under the emergency traveling state. A contactor is mounted so as to introduce the power from the stringing to the input side of a VVVF inverter for the main circuit at normal traveling, and so as to introduce the power for the electric capacitor to the input side of the VVVF inverter in emergency traveling. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2011,JPO&INPIT




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