Optical signal transmitter



【課題】回転軸上の所定の空間を利用することなく、相対的に回転する支持台と回転体との間での信号の伝送を可能とする非接触の光信号伝送装置を提供する。 【解決手段】支持台51と回転体70との間での信号の伝送のために送信機構12と受信機構11とを備える光信号伝送装置10である。受信機構11は、符号nを自然数として、回転軸Arを取り巻く環状の受光領域15を形成するn個の受光部13と受光制御部14とを有し、送信機構12は、発光部17と、発光制御部19と、発光部17から出射された光束を出射させる発光領域21を形成すべく光束を導光する導光部18とを有し、導光部18は、回転軸Arを取り巻く環状の対向領域20において、n個の受光部13のうちのいずれか1つと対向するように対向領域20を周方向にn等分したうちの1つを発光領域21とすべく延在している。 【選択図】 図5
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a non-contact optical signal transmitter capable of transmitting signals between a support base and a rotating body to be relatively rotated without utilizing a prescribed space on a rotary axis. SOLUTION: The optical signal transmitter 10 includes a transmission mechanism 12 and a reception mechanism 11 for transmission of signals between the support base 51 and the rotating body 70. The reception mechanism 11 has n pieces of light receiving parts 13 forming an annular light receiving region 15 surrounding the rotary axis Ar with a code n being a natural number, and a light reception control part 14. The transmission mechanism 12 is provided with a light emitting part 17, a light emission control part 19, and a light guiding part 18 for guiding a luminous flux so as to form a light emitting region 21 for emitting the luminous flux emitted from the light emitting part 17. The light guiding part 18 is extended so as to use one of parts where a facing region 20 is equally divided into n in the circumferential direction to face one of the n pieces of light receiving parts 13 as the light emitting area 21 in the annular facing region 20 surrounding the rotary axis Ar. COPYRIGHT: (C)2010,JPO&INPIT




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