Method of controlling mems microstructure and control device



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To avoid the following problems: time delay caused when a drive signal passes through an electronic circuit such as an amplifier or a filter, or a drive signal waveform bluntness resulting from a phase rotation; and an increase of noise compositions by independently setting the amplitude and phase of each frequency spectrum composition constituting an actuating wave of a structure. SOLUTION: By subjecting the actuating wave to weighing using reverse mechanical characteristics of the mechanical resonance frequency characteristics of a microstructure to be driven, and by driving the microstructure by a waveform on a time axis of the frequency characteristics, the mechanical resonance characteristics are canceled to obtain a desired drive action result free from excessive response. By performing negative feedback, to the drive signal, of a composition due to a remaining resonance response, which is obtained by performing twice time differentiation of an actual action signal of the microstructure changing every moment, a new drive signal is obtained and the microstructure is driven, thereby applying a brake to the remaining resonance response on a real-time basis. COPYRIGHT: (C)2010,JPO&INPIT
【課題】構造体の駆動波を構成する各周波数スペクトル成分の振幅・位相を各々独立に設定し、駆動信号がアンプやフィルタなどの電子回路を通過する際に生じる時間遅れまたは位相回転の結果生じる駆動信号波形の鈍り、ノイズ成分の増加の問題を回避する。 【解決手段】駆動する微小面構造体の機械共振周波数特性の逆機械共振特性で駆動波に対し重み付け処理をほどこしその周波数特性の時間軸上の波形で該微小構造体を駆動することにより、その機械共振特性を打ち消し過度の応答のない所望の駆動動作結果を得る。さらに時々刻々変化する微小構造体の実動作信号を二回時間微分して得られる残留共振応答による成分を駆動信号に負帰還し新たな駆動信号とし微小構造体を駆動することにより残留共振応答にリアルタイムに制動をかける。 【選択図】図5




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