Capacitance type proximity sensor



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a proximity sensor that extends the distance of a detection object such as a human body, and is non-sensitive to a non-detection object such as a waterdrop. <P>SOLUTION: A pair of electrodes are arranged in parallel so that one is linear and the other is planar, the side on which the linear electrode 1 is not hidden behind the planar electrode 2 is set as a front detection region, a grounding shield electrode 8 is arranged in parallel on the back side of the planar electrode, and linear auxiliary electrodes 10 connected to the linear electrode are arranged around the gap between the shield electrode and the planar electrode. In an electric circuit, a capacitor formed of the pair of electrodes, a coil, a resistor, and a transmission source are interconnected in series, a measuring instrument for measuring the voltage between both ends of the resistor is disposed, a part between the resistor and the transmission source is grounded, and approach of the detection object is detected based on a variation of a measured value of the measuring instrument. The frequency of the transmission source is set to a frequency non-sensitive to approach of the non-detection object. When the detection object approaches in the detection region, the measured value of the measuring instrument varies. Even when the non-detection object approaches between the pair of electrodes and between the linear auxiliary electrode and the planar electrode, the measured value of the measuring instrument does not vary. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2010,JPO&INPIT
【課題】 人体などの検出対象物の検出距離は長くする。水滴などの非検出対象物には無感にする。 【解決手段】 一対の電極は、一方を線状に他方を面状にして並列し、線状電極1が面状電極2に隠れない側を前側検出領域にし、面状電極の後側に、接地する遮蔽電極8を並列し、遮蔽電極と面状電極の間の周りに、線状電極に接続した線状補助電極10を配列した。電気回路は、一対の電極によるコンデンサ、コイル、抵抗器と発信源を直列接続し、抵抗器両端の電圧を測定する測定器を設け、抵抗器と発信源の間を接地し、測定器の測定値の変化により検出対象物の接近を検出する構成にした。発信源の周波数は、非検出対象物の接近に対して無感の周波数に設定し、検出対象物が前側検出領域で接近すると、測定器の測定値が変化し、非検出対象物が一対の電極の間、線状補助電極と面状電極の間に接近しても、測定器の測定値が変化しない構成にした。 【選択図】 図4




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