Air conditioner for vehicle



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an air conditioner for a vehicle that diffuses combustion gas of a combustion heater into the atmosphere by a simple configuration so as to prevent the combustion gas from flowing into a vehicle cabin. SOLUTION: Control is started by turning on an IG switch (S11). When the engine rotational frequency is ≥500 rpm while the engine water temperature is ≤75°C and the outside-air temperature is ≤5°C, it is shifted to S15 so as to operate a combustion heater. After the combustion heater 38 is operated in the S15, it is determined whether or not five minutes have passed (S16). As the result of the determination in the S16, when it is No, it is shifted to S17 so as to determine whether or not a vehicle speed is ≤10 km. When it is Yes, it is shifted to S18 so as to operate a radiator fan 19. When it is No, the radiator fan 19 is stopped. By this, it is possible to execute scavenging of combustion gas by utilizing the existing radiator fan 19 without separately providing a new member. COPYRIGHT: (C)2010,JPO&INPIT
【課題】燃焼ヒータの燃焼ガスを簡易な構成で大気に拡散し、車室内への流入を防止する車両の空調装置を提供する。 【解決手段】IGスイッチオン(S11)で制御が開始され、エンジン水温が75℃以下、外気温が5℃以下、且つエンジン回転数が500rpm以上の場合、S15に移行して燃焼ヒータを作動させる。S15の燃焼ヒータ38作動後、5分経過したか否か判定する(S16)。S16の判定の結果、Noの場合、S17に移行して車速が時速10km以下か判定し、Yesの場合、S18に移行してラジエータファン19を作動させて、Noの場合、ラジエータファン19を停止する。これにより、既存のラジエータファン19を利用して、別途新規な部材を設けることなく燃焼ガスの掃気を行うことができる。 【選択図】図6




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