Pipe joint cover



【課題】取付作業が簡単で、噴射した燃料が周囲に飛散するのを確実に防止することのできるパイプ接合部カバーを提供する。 【解決手段】筒状のカバー部(12A,12B)の一端部が、パイプ挿入孔23を有する閉塞部(22A,22B)で閉塞され、エンジンの高圧燃料パイプ61の接合部Uを覆うパイプ接合部カバーCであって、閉塞部(22A,22B)が、パイプ挿入孔23を形成する内周が高圧燃料パイプ61の外周に密接するシール部(26)と、このシール部(26)の外側に位置して下面が開放し、接合部Uから噴射する燃料を受容する受容室(31)とを有し、この受容室(31)を形成する受容室外側壁(28)の下端が、接合部Uを構成する取付ナット71の上面に接する。 【選択図】図26
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a pipe joint cover that can be easily installed, and can ensure that sprayed fuel is prevented from being dispersed to the surroundings. <P>SOLUTION: The pipe joint cover (C) covers a joint (U) of a high-pressure fuel pipe (61) of an engine, wherein one end of a cylindrical cover part (12A, 12B) is blocked by a blocking part (22A, 22B) having a pipe insertion hole (23). The blocking part (22A, 22B) has a seal part (26) where the inner circumference that forms the pipe insertion hole (23) adheres to the outer periphery of the high-pressure fuel pipe (61), and a reception chamber (31) positioned on the outer side of the seal part (26), the bottom of which opens up to receive fuel that is sprayed from the joint (U). The bottom edge of the outer wall (28) of the reception chamber that forms the reception chamber (31) contacts the upper surface of a mounting nut (71) that constitutes the joint (U). <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2010,JPO&INPIT




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