Electric heating heater



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a thin electric heating heater capable of satisfying electric insulation, heat resistance, flexibility, safety and physical durability, and small in heat loss. <P>SOLUTION: This electric heating heater is so structured that a heater wire 3 is arranged on the upper part of a sheet-like base material 2 in a predetermined shape; the heater wire 3 is fixed to the side of the base material 2 by fixing strings 4; and it is housed in a cover member 7 with a coating type heat insulation material 6 applied to the inside surface side along with a heat insulation material 5. The insulation material 6 has properties low in thermal conductivity and high in heat reflectivity; the cover member 7 is formed of a fluorine resin fiber, an aromatic nylon fiber or the like; and the heater wire 3 is formed into a double insulation structure composed by forming a felt-like first coating layer formed of a ceramic fiber on the surface of a nichrome wire and by forming a second coating layer formed of a knitting of a ceramic fiber on the surface of the first coating layer. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】電気絶縁性、耐熱性、柔軟性、安全性、及び物理的な耐久性を満たすとともに、厚みが薄く、熱損失が少ない電熱ヒーターを提供する。 【解決手段】シート状の基材2の上部にヒーター線3を所定の形状で配列し、このヒーター線3を固定糸4により基材2側に固定し、これを断熱材5とともに内面側に塗料型断熱材6を塗布したカバー部材7に収めて構成する。塗料型断熱材6は、熱伝導率が低く、熱反射率が高い特性を有し、カバー部材7は、フッ素樹脂繊維、芳香族ナイロン繊維等から形成され、ヒーター線3は、ニクロム線の表面にセラミック繊維からなるフェルト状の第1の被覆層を形成し、第1の被覆層の表面にセラミック繊維の編物からなる第2の被覆層を形成した二重絶縁構造をなす。 【選択図】 図1




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