Stock dividend receiving method, stock dividend receiving program, and stock dividend receiving device



【課題】株式の配当金の受取りに関して、株主の負担を軽減させ、現行制度で困難とされた証券口座等での配当金の迅速(支払開始日当日)な受取りを行うこと。 【解決手段】証券会社システム100 1 〜100 n より、複数の株主に関する株主データ(株主情報、印影情報、権利付預託残情報等)を取得する株主管理部602と、この株主データに基づいて、各配当金をまとめて受取るための受取口座を指定する配当金振込指定書データを複数の株主に代わって作成し、この配当金振込指定書データを名義書換代理人システム300 1 〜300 m へ提出する配当金振込指定書データ作成・送信部603とを備え、配当金振込指定書データに基づいて、名義書換代理人(株式発行会社)の口座より、指定した受取口座で複数の株主に対応する各株式配当金が受取られる。 【選択図】 図1
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To perform a rapid receipt of dividend (on the start date of payment) by a brokerage account which is difficult in the present system while reducing the burden of a stock owner for receipt of a stock dividend. <P>SOLUTION: This system comprises a stock owner management part 602 for acquiring stock owner data (stock owner information, imprint information, information for deposit balance with rights, etc.) from securities company systems 100<SB>1</SB>-100<SB>n</SB>; and a dividend transfer designation data forming/transmitting part 603 for forming dividend transfer designation data for designating a receiving account for receiving each dividend collectively on behalf of a plurality of stock owners based on the stock owner data, and presenting the dividend transfer designation data to transfer agent systems 300<SB>1</SB>-300<SB>m</SB>. Based on the dividend transfer designation data, each stock dividend corresponding to the plurality of stock owners from the account of a transfer agent (stock issuing company) can be received in a designated receiving account. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI




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