Centrifugal fan



【課題】小風量域から大風量域の全域において送風特性、騒音特性に優れ、かつ、耐久性に優れた羽根の可動式保持構造を備えた遠心ファンを得ること。 【解決手段】複数の羽根2のそれぞれと主板1との接続部がファンの回転により羽根の角度が変化するように羽根2を回転自在に支持する可動保持手段10を設け、この可動保持手段10は、羽根2の下端部が挿入され、主板1に設けられた凹部11と、この凹部11内に装着され、羽根2の下端部を付勢する板ばね3またはブロック状のゴム5とを備えた構造。 【選択図】 図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a centrifugal fan provided with a movable blade retention structure excellent in blast characteristics, noise characteristics and durability over the whole range from small air capacity to large air one. SOLUTION: This fan is provided with a movable retention means 10 in which connection parts of a main plate 1 and each of the plurality of blades 2 rotatably support the blade 2 in such a manner that angles of the blade changes according to rotation of the fan. The movable retention means 10 is provided with a recess part 11 having lower end parts of the blades 2 inserted therein and provided in the main plate 1, and a leaf spring 3 or rubber block 5 installed in the recess part 11 and energizing the lower end part of the blades 2. COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI




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