Color correction processor, color correction program, and recording medium



【課題】入力画像データであるRGBやLabやLCHなどの3次元の立方体や四面体などの多面体、および二次元の四角形や三角形などの平面において、辺や面の境界付近による形の歪みを無くし、また、高画質な補正を行う色補正処理装置、色補正プログラムおよび記録媒体に関する。 【解決手段】RGBやLabやLCHなどのデータ形式の3次元の画像データを入力し、3次元の色空間内において、ある記憶色1を内部に持つ楕円球2の方程式を予め求めておき、記憶色1と入力された入力画像データ3との距離と、記憶色1と入力された入力画像データ3とを結ぶ直線と楕円球2との交点4までの距離に基づき、入力された入力画像データ3を記憶色1へ近づける補正処理を行う。 【選択図】 図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a color correction processor, a color correction program and a recording medium which eliminate distortion of shapes by near boundaries of sides and planes and perform high definition correction in three-dimensional cubes such as RGB, Lab and LCH which are pieces of input image data, polyhedrons such as tetrahedrons and flat surfaces such as two-dimensional quadrangles and triangles. SOLUTION: Pieces of three-dimensional image data such as RGB, Lab and LCH in a data system are inputted, an equation of an oval sphere 2 having a certain stored color 1 in its inside is preliminarily calculated and correction processing for approximating the inputted input image data 3 to the stored color 1 is performed based on distance between the stored color 1 and the inputted input image data 3 and distance to an intersection 4 between a straight line connecting the stored color 1 with the inputted input image data 3 and the oval sphere 2 in a three-dimensional color space. COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI




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